Shelf Life of CBD OIl

Shelf Life of CBD Oil

CBD oil is known for its immense range of potential medical benefits to the human body and overall well-being. Most of the users of the CBD oil, however, have confusions about its dosages and proper storage. Research claims it that the CBD oil when unopened is able to last for around 14 months from the date or month of production. Additionally, there is a host of external as well as internal factors that influence the shelf life of the CBD oil.

Here are some of the factors influencing the shelf life of the CBD oil.

  • Light: Light might result into the fading away of some of the concentrates. This implies that the terpenes of the given concentrate have degraded which has resulted into the changes in the texture of the given concentrate. For preventing the fading or sugaring away of the concentrates in the presence of light, it is suggested to store the CBD oil concentrates in some dark, cool place. The utilization of some closed container or bottle might help in increasing the overall shelf life of the CBD oil.
  • Heat: Heat is another external factor affecting the shelf life of the CBD oil. It has been observed that when the CBD oil concentrations are exposed to excessive heat after the process of extraction, their chemical composition changes. In case the extraction process has failed to remove all the given impurities, the CBD oil concentration might transform into a “buttery” solution on exposure to excessive heat of any kind. The “buttering” of the CBD oil can be identified easily once the CBD oil concentration starts getting “murky”. If you wish to avoid the “buttering” of the CBD oil on exposure to heat, you can store the CBD oil concentrate in the freezer for ensuring the overall longevity.
  • Air: Oxygen is responsible for giving us life. However, in certain conditions, it might also lead to damaging effects on certain items. Under the effect of the process known as “oxidative stress”, various items undergo chemical or physical changes. As such, air is also responsible for damaging the CBD oil concentrates. It is, therefore, recommended to store the CBD oil concentrates in air-tight containers that will help in lessening the terpene and degradation of the THC-A.
  • Time or Duration: Over the passage of time, there could be some changes observed in the overall physical or chemical compositions of the CBD oil concentrates. If the above-mentioned external factors are completely ignored, then the passage of time might result into the lessening of the quantity of the CBD oil concentrates. The once-vibrant concentrate might start waxing and might get murky eventually as the duration increases. Moreover, there might be changes observed in the overall color as well for the concentrate might start appearing darker in color. The crumbled concentrates might crumble even more. On an overall basis, the entire quantity, as well as the quality of the CBD oil concentrate, might degrade substantially with the passage of time.
  • Production Process: The production process or the extraction of the CBD oil also plays an important role in determining the overall shelf life of the concentrate. As the fatty acids present in the CBD oil are highly susceptible to rancidity and degradation, the production stage of the CBD oil needs to be carried out with much accuracy and great attention to detail. By ensuring the fact that the CBD oil concentrate has been exposed to external heat & air in the most minimal manner, the overall quality & shelf life of the CBD oil can be enhanced.

To ensure the same, the production process is carried out with protecting the fatty acids in the CBD oil from being exposed to air & heat. The air during the production process is replaced with pure nitrogen to ensure the highest quality of the CBD oil. Similarly, the CBD oil is kept well below the reasonable temperatures to keep up the topmost quality.

To ensure the desired effects of the CBD oil, it is important to guarantee the longest shelf life of the same. This can be achieved by controlling the essential factors influencing the shelf life of the CBD oil. If you want to find the best hemp oil, check out our cbd oil product reviews (