A high-quality CBD for users looking for a higher dosage

Endoca CBD Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg


Brief Description

Endoca’s Hemp Oil 1500mg (15% CBD), is a concentrated form of hemp oil, created through a raw hemp extraction using CO2, keeping the most important molecules of the plant intact.

The “heated” label on the box means that under filtration, gentle heat is applied, forming CBDa, a natural precursor to CBD, creating a wax-free liquid oil that maintains all of the main botanical constituents.

endoca inside each drop

These drops are one of the most popular products in the CBD market. These particular drops are 1500mg, which is generally used for those that are going for more than just routine daily health, but tackling pains or illnesses. Endoca’s description of this product describes it as for “repair”.


Hemp Oil 1500mg can be used for

  • Replacing painkillers
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Epileptic seizures
  • and similar serious issues


The 1500mg oil is priced at $129, which is the average price for similarly comparable products of the same dosage. The difference here is that a portion of your purchase will go towards charity, which gives extra brownie points in our book.

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Endoca, founded by Henry Vincenty, comes from a family that carries a long tradition of hemp cultivation. Traveling the world for decades in search of the best forms of organic medicines, he discovered that hemp worked as a cure for many common ailments.

Founding Endoca with the sole purpose of producing the highest quality CBD oil possible, the company also focuses on charitable causes. The company’s vision includes creating and growing the largest charity organization in the world, along with creating a program that will help people change their lifestyle in order to learn how to balance the body and live in harmony with nature.

In practice, Endoca uses only certified organic Cannabis (Hemp), grown and cultivated without herbicides or pesticides. In order to accomplish the quality goals set out for their products, they’ve created their own seed bank and breeding program, owning and handling the process from the seed to the harvest and extraction. They’ve even created and innovated their own equipment to handle the cultivation and processing of hemp.


CBD comes in many different forms as well as dosages. While we focus primarily on CBD Oil, we also like to rate and recommend based on different product dosage. In this particular case, the 1500mg dosage is recommended for people who are looking to replace painkillers after an injury or surgery, or are trying to relieve issues with things like arthritis, neuro-degenerative diseases, anxiety, depression, and many other forms of illness. However, we generally recommend that new CBD users begin with a lighter dosage to make sure their body does not have any adverse reactions. Starting with a lighter dosage, such as Endoca’s 300mg series, can help get accustomed to CBD’s usage and effects on the body. Additionally, it’s important to read up on the health benefits of CBD to understand how it works with the body as a natural remedy.

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