does cbd oil get you high

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

CBD (cannabidiol) oil or hemp CBD oil is a natural concentrate that is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant. Owing to its origin –same as that of Marijuana and other hemp-derivative products, the question “Does CBD oil get you high?” normally torments the minds of all. This is an important question to ask particularly because of the medical benefits of the CBD oil for the overall human health.

As per some recent studies, it has been observed that CBD oil is specifically useful in certain medical conditions like chronic pains and depression. Still, people are skeptical about using it under the image of it being derived from the hemp plant. In this article, we will unveil whether or not you can get high after consuming the CBD oil.

CBD Oil and Its Effects

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is one of the several components that are present within the cannabis plant referring to the major group “cannabinoids”. THC amongst all the cannabinoids is the most famous component. Some of the other cannabinoids include CBT (cannabicitran), CBL (cannabicyclol), and CBG (cannabigerol). All of these cannabinoids make up the entire chemical composition of the cannabis plant.

The precise answer to the question “Does CBD Oil get you high?” is “NO”. CBD oil has been observed to have no psychoactive or high effect on the individual consuming it. This is because the CBD oil is produced primarily towards minimizing the overall THC count. It is the high THC count that makes an individual “high”. At the same time, the production process of the CBD oil is also concerned with the maximization of the CBD count which is responsible for preventing an individual from getting high.

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The Science Behind CBD Oil’s Psychoactive Effects (Or Lack Thereof)

We all know that our brain contains billions of neurons which are responsible for making our mind & body respond properly to emotions, senses, and other factors of life. However, all of the billions of neurons in our brain are not active all the time. They could be active as well as inactive at different instances of time. This would usually depend on the mental state of an individual.

One such neuron in our brain is known as CB1 (cannabinoid) receptor. When any THC content (cannabinoid component) is consumed by our body, the CB1 receptor in the brain is responsible for responding to the same. As such, when the CB1 receptor gets activated, it produces the psychoactive effects of the specific cannabinoid component.

CBD oil maximizes the content of CBD (preventing the high effects of THC). As such, CBD blocks the required THC activity in the brain. This is the reason the CBD is referred to as the “CB1 Antagonist”. One of the most interesting facts about CBD is that while it is inhibiting the THC activity, it is also triggering other receptors in the human brain including the serotonin, adenosine, and the vanilloid receptors. All of these receptors are greatly helpful in reducing anxiety, chronic pains, stress, and depression in the human mind & body. As such, the CBD oil by inhibiting the THC effects, maximizes the positive effects on the human body & mind.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Now that you know that CBD oil does not cause any high effects, here are some potential benefits of the CBD oil you should know about:

  • Reducing chronic pains
  • Inhibiting stress levels, anxiety, and depression
  • Inhibiting the growth of cancer cells
  • Reducing the blood sugar levels
  • Reducing nausea and vomiting sensation
  • Preventing the degeneration of the nervous system
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So What Now?

If you’re looking for relief, then CBD Oil might be the best bet for you. You can take a look at some of the reviews we have or even go through our beginner’s guide ( to help you pick out the best CBD Oils. But, if you’re looking to get a high, CBD Oil may not be what you’re looking for, considering the very low amounts of THC. You may want to look for legal medical dispensaries, if you’re in a state that allows it. In the meantime, keep checking back for CBD Oil Reviews.