Cheef Botanicals Review

Cheef Botanicals is a new, start-up company founded by a group of, “health-conscious cannabis enthusiasts,” who have 25 years of experience in the organic food marketplace. Their background in the organic food industry gave them an edge in founding Cheef Botanicals in 2018 as a company offering high-grade, organic CBD products. They back up the quality of their full line of organic, non-GMO CBD Oils with a money-back guarantee.

Pure, Organic Products

What we like about Cheef Botanicals is its dedication to a full spectrum line of CBD products based on non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free and cruelty-free, organic hemp plants grown in the United States. In fact, the company works with hemp farms in Colorado in order to offer products extracted from hemp plants whose quality they can confirm. While plenty of companies offer organic CBD products, very few of them can claim their products are also free of artificial flavors or colors and gluten and dairy free.

If you’re looking for real purity in an organic product, Cheef Botanicals has a very good product. Since the company is listed by the Cannabis Business Executive as having been founded in 2018, it is a newcomer, but so far, the company is doing well and getting good reviews from customers.


Cheef Botanicals carries a line of CBD products in several strengths to meet the needs of their customers and provide CBD oil in four different forms. All products are organic and carefully quality-controlled.

CBD Tinctures/Oils

Tinctures are the purest form of CBD oil available, and Cheef Botanicals offers them in four strengths – 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg and 3000mg bottles. The CBD is harvested from Colorado hemp plants using CO2 extraction in order to preserve the purity of the CBD and other cannabinoids found in the plants.

Other manufacturers may suspend their CBD oil in oils from other plants or use artificial ingredients to enhance the flavor of the tincture. Cheef Botanicals’ tinctures’ use only pure hempseed oil, which has a pleasant, earthy taste. To take the tincture, you place a dropperful of the product under the tongue so that it is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. This is the fastest way to take CBD oil so that it works quickly.

Measuring CBD oil in tinctures can be confusing, but Cheef Botanicals makes it easy by clearly indicating how much CBD you are getting not only in each glass bottle, but in each drop of oil. For instance, a 300mg bottle of CBD tincture has a 0.5 oz glass dropper that delivers 1mg of CBD per drop.

CBD Capsules

The easiest way to take CBD for some people is in capsule form. Capsules are easy to swallow and you don’t have to worry about the taste. Cheef Botanicals’ CBD capsules come in four strengths: 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg and 3000mg in each bottle. The milligrams refer to how much total CBD per bottle. Each bottle contains 30 capsules, giving you a month’s supply at whatever strength you choose. When you’re ordering, the drop-down menu helpfully breaks out the concentration per capsule so that you know exactly how much CBD oil you’re getting in each dose without having to do any math. For instance, the 1500mg bottle gives you 50mg of CBD per capsule.

These capsules are 100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free. While many manufacturers offer vegan tinctures or drops, not all of them offer capsules that are free of animal gelatins, making Cheef Botanicals’ a good choice for anyone who doesn’t want to use animal products while still being able to take capsules. The carrier oil is hemp oil directly from the hemp plant, so you aren’t getting any extra stuff you don’t need. There are no artificial colors or preservatives in the capsules.

CBD Gummies

For those who don’t like the taste of hempseed oil and who can’t or don’t want to swallow capsules, Cheef Botanicals offers CBD oil in naturally flavored gummies. These come in four strengths: 10mg, 25mg, 50mg or 100mg chews. It is easy to adjust your dose up or down so you can choose to either take more than one gummy a day or order the next higher strength if you want to increase your daily dose. The gummies come in fruit shapes with a natural, fruity taste. There are no artificial colors or flavors in the gummies.

CBD Isolate

This is pure, powdered CBD without fillers for those who want to make their own oils or creams. Topical creams or lotions can be effective in treating aching joints and skin rashes. You can also use Cheef Botanicals’ isolate to bake or blend your own edibles. It can also be vaporized for inhaling, one of the fastest and most potent delivery methods for CBD. It comes in a glass jar with 1000mg of pure CBD in each jar. As with all Cheef products, this is lab tested by a third party lab and you can request the lab results online.


Pricing for capsules ranges from $23.95 for a 300mg bottle to $164.95 for a 3000mg bottle. Compared to other capsules on the market, these prices are moderate. Since these are vegan and organic, you’re getting a top quality product for a good price. The cost of gummies and tinctures also fall in the midrange compared to other brands. The cost of the CBD isolate is a bit higher, but not by much and you’re getting a product that is 99.9% pure. For 1000mg, it’s $29.95.

If you’re certain you will continue to use the product, ordering more than one of the isolate or more concentrated doses can save you money, as the price is better the higher the dose. Cheef Botanicals also offers a subscription program that can save you 10% off every bottle. Just sign up for auto-shipment and your credit card will be charged each month and your CBD capsules sent out each month.


Cheef Botanicals has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for thirty days from date of purchase. To get a refund, you have to ship back the original product with less than 30% of the product used. You will then be issued a refund check (they don’t put refunds on credit cards at this time). There are forms and instructions for returning anything you’re unhappy with on their Refund Policy Page .

Quality Website

The Cheef Botanicals website ( has a polished, professional look that lets visitors know that while the company is new, it has done its homework. You can easily move around the website, learning about the products, reading articles on CBD oil’s uses and easily placing your order. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the website:

  • Products Page – It’s easy to find what you’re looking for and order what you want. A drop-down menu lets you narrow down your search by type of product or browse through everything offered. It’s broken down into tinctures, capsules, concentrates, edibles and all products. Product descriptions are clear and easy to understand and shipping is free on all products shipped within the United States, which is a bonus, as many other CBD Oil companies charge more for shipping.
  • Learn More – Cheef Botanicals has done their homework and provided ample information about cannabidiol and how it works in treating  illnesses. On the “Research and Studies” page, you can find links to research studies and trials for treating over forty different conditions. Many of the links take you to peer-reviewed studies and articles in professional journals. The “Blog” and “FAQs” pages also contain lots of information written in a clear, easy-to-understand style. If you have questions about the products, how to use them or how they work, you’ll find good information here. The blog has more information than most sites do, considering that the company has only been around for about a year.
  • Why Cheef? – The company story is outlined here with references to their organic food industry roots and the beliefs behind Cheef Botanicals’ CBD products. There are also customer reviews and testimonials. You can also contact the company to ask for a copy of the third party lab results on their products.

The Blog

If you want to learn more about CBD oil and its many health benefits, the Cheef Botanicals blog is a great place to start. For a company that was started in 2018, it has put together a lot of information. You can go to the blog and read about how CBD oil works to improve health and its effects on everything from anxiety to symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Each article lays out the symptoms of an illness or disease, then explains how CBD oil may help. At the end of each article, there are links to peer-reviewed studies and actual research that has been done on the specific illness and the potential for treating it effectively with CBD. It is important to note that Cheef Botanicals does not suggest going off of current medications for serious illnesses or mental disorders. It suggests talking to your doctor and adding CBD oil to your current treatment. They are taking an open-minded but responsible approach to using CBD for health reasons.

One of the most helpful articles is titled, “The Endocannabinoid System and CBD: How It Works.” Anyone thinking of taking CBD should read this article. It clearly explains how CBD works with the body and is easy to understand. It’s a great starting point and can lead you to other articles that focus on your specific needs.